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July 9, 2012

so wow. i have hugely fallen off the blogging wagon. and i love to blog. this place is my outlet to share my everyday. i am not trying to wow my fellow photographers. just sharing a bit of my life with any one else who might be interested. several months ago we started building our backyard farm.  most of my life i have been a city girl. moving to the country has changed me.  i think for the better. i feel like i can be me now.

i come outside in the morning wearing  jammies and rubber boots and bed hair to sleepily feed the chickens and ducks.

i field the hundreds of frogs, tadpoles, lizards, snakes, mice and any other critter my kids see fit to rescue or capture. last month it was a day old wood duckling. i document most of this on my instagram. but i do use my big camera and get some good shots too. lately i have been in more of a documenting frame of photography mind. everyone else is still posing and pushing out some lovely work- meanwhile it seems like i am really having the time of my life photographing the real stuff that is happening. i still love seeing everyone’s work but i just now have begun to feel ok with what i am doing right now. like i don’t have to keep up.  it feels more like home to me. more complete. i guess we aren’t all destined to be big name photogs with a huge cult following. honestly- i am totally ok with being a blip on the radar with my friends. everyone is the icing on my cake and it makes me smile when people email or message me sweet little notes about some picture or blog post i’ve done.

as photographers we LIKE to say that we are being true to ourselves. that we don’t care what others think. lies. all lies we tell our insecure selves. some of us are better at this than others. i have come to a place where i am ok shooting what makes me happy. i don’t need accolades to keep doing that but i am honest enough to admit that when someone says something nice…my tail practically wags my excitement. haha

so….what HAVE i been doing? ducks. chickens. geese. oh my.

we have ourselves a little backyard farm. it’s not glamorous. shoot our backyard isn’t even pretty. my chicken coop is not going to win awards for best looking coop. BUT i am happy. WE are doing it together as a family. it feels so amazing.

so what are we doing with all these animals?

ducks for eggs and pond entertainment. chickens for eggs and meat. geese…for no other reason than them being as sweet as apple pie buried in vanilla ice cream. people think ducks and geese are mean. no…PARK ducks and geese are mean. hand-raised ducks and geese that are gently raised as pets are so very nice and completely non-aggressive unless you are mean to them and like to scare them a lot. my little goslings follow us ALL around the yard meeping all the way. it’s adorable.

yesterday i sat in my yard for an hour waiting for the wild turkeys to come into our mini orchard for the pre-night time roost snack. we figured out they come in around 8pm and then they go up into our tall pine type trees to roost at night. there are about 30 total.

some people might find them ugly. i see a part of old america when i look at them. in their own way- i do think they are beautiful.

you can judge for yourself. :)

i took all these past 8pm so the sun was really low. in this first image it looks fire. i love it! you can see the turkeys making their way into our yard.

hmmm…the turkeys NOR the cat seem to mind the other’s presence.

i’m sorry there are no people in this. lol. the whole ‘session’ was about getting these turkeys coming into our yard, snacking and going up into the trees. i captured everything i set out to.

slam. dunk. thanks for looking! <3

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