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lost | fall frenzy | life. right now.

October 26, 2012

my blog has been long neglected. i cringe when i look at the date of my last post. in my defense…i have been busy. i have 4 kids 11 and under. so here is the skinny…

i homeschool. i have my own small photography business. i network with photographers i adore and belong to a couple forums. spring 2012 saw me begin growing our own backyard farm. ducks first. then chickens. then geese. we are good with those birds for now. we’ve had a lot of chicken drama throughout all of this and i have learned and done things i never thought i was capable of doing. then my long time friend, my rottie lost his battle with cancer right before my birthday. a birthday we shared. my heart was so broken. a little time passes and we searched to fill the void my friend had left behind and we added a puppy to our family. it had been 9 years since i had done the puppy thing…so wow. that has been pure crazy. we love our little pit bull. yes, pit bull. i have a thing for tough, smart working dogs. what can i say. my rottie was 110 pounds when he was in top shape. my little pittie might break 50 pounds. that’s a huge size downgrade for us. but definitely more manageable around the kids inside the house. my rott and his bog ole booty was constantly and accidentally knocking kids over. poor sweet guy. i miss him.

so now fall. my most favorite season is upon me. the smells. the sights. the sounds. the reminder for being grateful for what i DO have, not what i do not have. i love the colors. the rain. the foilage. the smell. the chill in the air. pumpkin flavored everything. and it’s my 2 month excuse to bake sugar, sugar and more sugar. seriously? ahhh! love it! and this year i have my OWN farm fresh eggs to use. amazing!

and through all this…i suddenly remember…the very thing that got me started in photography has been laid aside. forgotten getting dusty from disuse. the thing I love the most. photographing the real, everyday moments that make up my life as a mom. documenting the messy hair days, the tantrums, sniffles and coughs, joys, quiet moments, snack time, learning to make cookies…just all of that. not the moments we create and pass of as authentic but the truly honest moments that just unfold everyday. november is my favorite month of the year. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. i am kicking off november on my blog (which has long been neglected) with a daily project that I once did and it fell by the wayside by a busy life…life. right now.

some of you that know me remember this project. if you do and remember- i would love to have you re-join me. if you do not- i would STILL love to have you join me for the first time! or just follow along- whatever your schedule allows. it is a 365 of sorts…but I don’t like to call it that. since life is crazy…sometimes i can post daily…sometimes i might be lucky to post a couple times in a week. the point is not to put pressure on me on yet another project i have to do but rather inspire me to to pick up my camera for myself…for my family. to capture the very things i see everyday. that are not perfect. that are not staged. that are not tidy. that are not fashionably dressed. but that are perfectly imperfect and completely real.

with the new crazy that is now facebook and the fact that only like 15% of my likers (even on our personal pages now) now see my posts…i am going to be working on using facebook less. my blogs more. emails more. possibly even a newsletter. i want to stay connected to people who want to stay connected with me. 😀

my life. right now. project will be what i make of it. since it is my life. my story. my real. then it will sometimes have chickens or ducks or geese. or lizards. or snotty preschooler noses. or spills. or messy laundry piles. hey…i am talking real life here people. my house is not a better homes and garden museum. it’s a real place where i really live with 5 other people and feed 7 at night (my mil joins us for supper nearly every day). since i homeschool, be a mom to my rad kids, keep my home, run a business, care for 30+ farm birds, training a puppy and trying to maintain my super hot relationship with my fantastic husband of 15+ years…my home gets messy. dusty. sometimes…gasp…downright dirty. my life is for my family and i am not trying to impress anyone with my matching pillows, fancy drapes (which i do not have) and sweet winding staircases…it’s not me, it’s not who my family is right now and i love this life so darn much that i refuse to be a slave to a perfect house or ideal the magazines impress upon us.

god first and my family next. the laundry, the messes, the dishes will be there as long as i have children in my home and one day those messes will be gone. so will the children. the laughter. the fighting. the yelling. i will be sad. i will wait patiently for at least one of my kids to have kids. then i will stalk my grand kids. lord help them now. i will bake cookies, i will help my children anyway i can. grandkid sleepovers, making dinner and drop it off to my kids so that the parents can have a break…run errands, clean a toilet, take the kids to the park. i will try hard not to boss…i will probably fail but above all i want to be involved in anyway my kids will let me in their lives and their children’s lives. i. love. my. family.

so november…life. right now. begins.

want to see what’s going on with me now without waiting? follow me on instagram… amymcmaster. it’s pretty darn real there too. but with my project i am going to push myself to pick up my big girl camera and PRINT what i love. less digital hoarding and more printing. this project is less about me as a photographer and more about me as a mom wanting to capture my kids lives so that i have this wonderful gift of their childhood to share with them later. and so that one day…when i start to forget- i can be reminded with the images.

anyway…yeah. so that’s me now. :) i would love to hear from you. as a mom (or dad! there is usually at least 1 main picture taker in the family) have you let this go by the wayside too? photographer or not…capturing the every day we can all get wrapped up in everything going on. with decent cameras on our genius phones we have no excuse. let’s shoot and print!

a few images taken throughout october.

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