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the moody bw | wintered over | life. right now.

January 15, 2013

another long pause before i blog. we went through thanksgiving. then christmas. then new years. no posts from me. in my defense i am living life, just not enough time to share it. i lied. sometimes i do have time but choose to snuggle with my husband or fall asleep with the remote resting on chin. whoops. maybe this whole getting older thing is catching up to me? i am in my 30s…but not yet all that close to 40. yet my sweet little almost 9 year old son did boldly proclaim that i did know what i am talking about because ‘mom is almost 40!’ a backhanded compliment if i ever heard one. haha! i figured at least he thinks i know stuff right? i went with it.

i’ve decided rather than writing about what i think people want to read, i am going to write about what i want to and hope people sometimes want to read it. i can live with that. writing about i want will appeal to me so much more. this backyard bird farmer needs an outlet.

i thought i would introduce myself a little bit. it’s the start of 2013, might as well start with my intro right? i’m a mom of 4. i have a pet bearded dragon. i have a pitbull puppy. i have 18 or so chickens, 21 ducks and 2 geese. we raise them mostly for eggs but i have recently learned how to butcher my extra roosters for the table. it’s not fun, but it’s rewarding and delicious. i love food. self taught to cook and bake. still learning. i am not a vegetarian. but i adore vegetables. i love organic and clean floods. but i can make a mean tater tot casserole and will occasionally indulge in completely health challenged comfort foods. i live…but in moderation moderation moderation. i live in jeans. and birkenstocks . and slip on fuzzy boots. i collect fun socks. and old cookbooks. i like to make lists and yet struggle to stick to them. love coffee and chocolate. sometimes together.

i am an avid instagrammer. look me up at amymcmaster…see there i am! with almost 2,000 images of my everyday.

i’ve not had a lot of opportunity to use my big girl camera. but this weekend i go to. for 20 or so wonderful minutes. i thought the light and surroundings would lend to some beautiful color but once i moved into lightroom…i saw black and white. *sigh* black and white has my heart.

here are a few shares from there. i hope to blog more often. but watch out. the topics will be about me. what i am doing. a chicken drama, a favorite dish, a picture share…just what’s really going on. probably a lot of food. my latest thing is grinding my own grains and playing.

ok so back to the pics…

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