I'm Amy but friends usually call me AB or Amy Beth. Mom of 4 cool young kiddies. Wife to 1 awesome dude for 15 sweet years and counting. We have a small zoo of kitties, lizards and a silly bear of a rottweiler. I homeschool and I love it. Being home with all my homies- I can't imagine not waking every morning to cereal crumbs, milk moustaches and the sound of giggling ... and fighting. Everything I do is for them. Always.

My loves: I love my God. My husband. My kids. Friends. Family. Delicious food. Photography. Helping others. Chocolate. My Blackberry. Pink nail polish. Chocolate Mint Chip Gum. Coffee. Chocolate x2. Socks- I'm a closet sock collector. Cooking. My kids laughter. My d700. Lizards- especially bearded dragons. My kids art. Napoleon Dynamite- can I have your tots? I did mention chocolate right?

In december of 2007, my husband surprised me with a nikon d80 kit and a 70-300vr lens. For the next 2 years I threw myself into learning the how to's of photography. From camera basics to editing basics. Along the way falling in love with Lightroom and making presets and photoshop actions. In 2009 I started building a portfolio and in 2010 I became all legit and whatnot. :D My greatest photography passions are capturing real moments, b&w photography and just plain keepin' it real.

Everytime I pick up my camera my biggest desire is to capture life- right now.


that's me. :D