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960 Facebook Sharpen and Resize Action

I didn’t just make this action but I have been personally using is for – well a really long time. All my images on my blog are resized and sharpened with them. Now that Facebook has made room for a larger image viewing you have the option of sizing up to 960 pixels.

Yay! I’m a fan of “bigger is better”. I just love how wider shots you take will show more detail. As always, Facebook is not known for image quality. I took the school of mind of “oh well. it’s free. deal with it. no one is pickier about my image quality than i am anyway.” So no more FB quality stresses for me. It is what it is. But if you want some more awesome nerdy tech info about the whys of FB sizing check out Damien’s (who is the shiz on geeky photoshop and digital image stuff) blog post on the subject.

Back to 960. They are sharpening actions- you need to adjust the sharpening to taste. Since this is from my personal stash – it was made especially for my images. You will likely need to adjust the opacity of the sharpen layer. Included in the free FB sharpening set is a tip sheet for the paint on sharpening actions.:DThe one labeled with a V means vertical- it means it will take your tall/portrait/vertical oriented image and resize the vertical long end to 960px. The one labeled with an H means horizontal- it means it will take your wide/landscape/horizontal oriented image and resize the horizontal long end to 960px.

Why not sharpen the whole darn image and be done with it? Frankly- it’s all about my image. Not just the image but MY image. I want it to look as good as I can and if I pick where the viewer is going to look first by interesting crops/framing then I am going to go the extra step to also sharpen only what is important in that image. And usually for me it’s the eyes, hair, some of the lips and clothing. For me there is just a teensy more visual impact. BUT there are absolutely times when you want to sharpen the entire thing. Check the tip sheet (pdf included) for tips. Not to mention that you completely avoid sharpening the noise in the image and the skin -making the skin appear slightly smoother without actually smoothing. Bonus!

What’s the action without the H or V in the name?

The action that does not have H or V in the name- is the original one I sent out. I decided to include it as people love it so. It sharpens horizontally to 960px and sharpens the entire image.

Ok I am using a personal snapshot for the first sample:

(my son is in the background holding his pet alligator lizard haha)

And the second is a black and white client image.:)

This little mini Facebook sharpening set is free from me to you. Hope you find it useful!

It can be batched easily in Photoshop (not Elements) and you can go in and simply paint where you want your sharpening.

Cost? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


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